Barberry Creek, Gladon Creek, East Fork of the Little Buffalo
  Last week the upper reaches of the East Fork were explored. This week the uppermost reaches were explored. Breakfast was at Denny's. Parking occurred off Hwy 16 on what is thought to be FS 1244. I then moved in a northerly direction and connected with Barberry Creek and proceeded downstream. This creek was rather simple with not much in the way of boulders and gradient. By 7:20 the East Fork of the Little Buffalo was in view. It was 33° at this point and sunny. Here the two forks were about the same size. A mile of this and Gladon Creek entered on the left. It was only 8:30 and I was making good time.
  I paralleled this creek for .6 miles and then started up the slope towards the bluff line on the east side of Gladon Creek. This bluff line had many good promontories with nice views of the bluffs on the far side of the valley. Many cracks and other formations were noted. Once again a very impressive branch of the East Fork. As I made my way around the curve of the creek a couple of waterfalls were seen. The easternmost fork was taken out of the valley and I was finished at 3:15. The temp was 65° and the hike length came to 7 miles. This complex of East Fork tributaries along with the East Fork should be a wilderness area, I tell you.

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