Overnight Back to the Piney Forks, Upper Big Piney Creek
  On a recent visit to this area I observed an intriguing bluff line from across the valley. Further exploration was required...that's why we are here. Before setting out, breakfast at Denny's in Russellville was partaken of. On this trip my brother Kelly would accompany me. He would live to regret it. For this hike....was the hike from hell. It was nearly 10:00 a.m. when we moved from the parking location into the forest. It was 45° and windy. Many creatures eyed us from behind shrubberies and rocks and the like. Kelly feared for his life. I was not concerned...for atop my pack was a sack of skunks eager for launching. I grabbed the bag and with a quick spin sent them in all directions. The semi-concealed creatures scattered in shame. The skunks...thankful for their freedom...did not retaliate, but moved along in shame as well. We hiked on until our path intersected with a small creek that would ultimately lead us to the creek that would, in turn, lead us to our destination....a destination so deep in the wilderness that our return was not assured.
  The main creek is a tributary of the West Fork of Big Piney Creek. Having no name on the map, this drainage I refer to as Piney Forks, and there are four to five branches that feed the West Fork. By 11:45 the creek was within our grasp...so we grasped it...and ate some lunch. The sun warmed us as we lounged aside the creek. I savored my sandwich while Kelly ate some Toast Chee crackers manufactured by the Lance corporation. Where the hell did they come up with that name? Toast Chee?...I think not.
  After lunch it was up to the bluff line and onward to the spot that would become or lodging for the night. It was pretty much as expected...an open bluff with a waterfall just a hundred yards down the bluff. I set up my gear while Kelly slumbered on the cliff's edge. The rigorous journey was too much for him. After dinner and a fire that burned until midnight...we climbed into our hammocks and slept till 7:00 a.m. The morning was clear with a hint of fog in the valley. The low temp was 32°. We explored the area below the bluff and took in the many views of Vatinzeehel Falls. Afterwards we headed out and were back to the point of origin by 10:30. The total hike was a mere 4 miles. Shameful!

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