Hike Down Bear Creek Near Fort Douglas, Tributary of the Big Piney Creek
  There are numerous Bear Creeks scattered around the state of Arkansas. I can think of at least four without thinking hard. That's lucky...cuz thinkin hard is.....hard. In January I explored the Bear Creek located upstream of this Bear Creek. This Bear Creek is just south of Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area and east of the Big Piney at Fort Douglas. I really need to eat breakfast somewhere else but...as usual it was at Denny's in Russellville. At 5:15 a.m. my starting hiking surface was Hwy 123. There was no moon but it was still easy enough to see without a headlamp. After 45 minutes and 2.6 miles I entered the woods and made my way to a bluff line that was not as cool as expected.
  It was nearly 7:00 and 37° when my focus turned towards the Bear Creek Valley. As is usual the starry sky turned to mostly cloudy with the rising sun. The creek had plenty of water and before long a stretch with numerous waterfalls was encountered. This section was quite interesting and had more large falls than any other creek that I have explored in Arkansas. After all this the stream smoothed out and opened up but was still quit lovely. At noon the skies had cleared and lunch was enjoyed with no wind and a temp of 58°. After lunch I wandered downstream and arrived at the origin at 1:20. Total miles hiked registered just over 10.

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