Six Creek Hollow, Upper Big Piney Creek Drainage
  There is a wide but short tributary feeding the upper big Piney Creek just south of Dismal Creek that bears no name on maps. This valley is called Six Creek Hollow...for it is filled with water from six main feeder creeks. It was named after Chief Six Creeks of the Osage Indians that lived here before the early settlers arrived. Breakfast was served at the South Park Restaurant in Clarksville around 3:30 a.m. Please keep in mind that this little 24 hour cafe has been newly remodeled inside for your dining pleasure. It still looks crappy outside. This section of woods was accessed off Hwy 21/16 on CR65 in Newton County. 
  At 5:30 a.m. I moved in an easterly direction down the largest of the six creeks that fall over the edge of this valley. Before long the bluff line was hit and two waterfalls spilled towards the main creek below. These are Upper and and Lower Chigger Chink Falls. History has it that Johnny Chink settled the area in 1851. He was known for always being covered with chiggers and ticks. The bluff line was followed to the south until a suitable slot was found down into the valley. Little did I know there was an easier way down in the other direction. Under many overhangs a clover of sorts grew in abundance. I can't recall seeing this before in the Ozarks. There was not a lot of water but it was still a lovely drop of goodly proportions. After exploring this magnolia and iris filled pocket it was time to go downstream. The main creek runs straight down the middle of the hollow and was quite steep and boulder filled initially. It was not long before another fall was encountered and checked out. This was Chumloaf Falls...named after pioneer Jimmy Chumloaf, cousin to Johnny Chink referred to earlier. The day was sunny and the temp was 56° till around 9:00.
  The creek led me downward and flattened out. Soon a huge pile of bear crap that was pretty new was caught in the periphery of my vision. This was the biggest dump I have seen to date. It was not steaming or anything but a poke with a stick revealed its true freshness. I made some extra noise with my progression onward. This was the last weekend of the spring turkey season, as well, and earlier I heard a turkey call across the way that was most likely not a turkey. One must be wary of all potential hazards while in the wild shrubbery. When the confluence with the Piney was nigh my direction turned to the northeastern bluff line. It was followed and many piney promontories were surveyed. Eventually I was aimed in the direction of my origin and by 11:45 my hike was concluded. The day remained sunny with temps near 80°. The total hike distance was near 4.6 miles. 

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