West Fork of Big Piney Creek Overnight Fall Backpack
  Friday morning found me hiking down into the valley of the West Fork of Big Piney Creek. Breakfast was obtained at Denny's in Russellville prior to the hike. It was 6:00 and sunrise was set for around 7:20. The weather at the moment was clear with a temp around 50° with high humidity. Every dark rock stepped upon was moist and slick. It was dark and really scary. As the light arrived so did I at the bank of the West Fork. A right turn was made and the creek was followed upstream. The flow of water was barely adequate and hid underground on numerous occasions. After tracing this creek a ways my attention turned to the nameless Piney Forks streams that run north to south. The fall foliage was decent but maybe a week or two from peak. 
  After lunch, around mid day, my path went up the hill to the east and the bluff line was attained. My potential camping bluff was not as hoped so onward to the bluff that had proven excellent last spring. My hammock was comfy in the breeze and afternoon sun as I lounged for a time. The high temp was up to around 75° and the humidity had me sweating. Crickets were the main noise makers along with a small gang of chickadees that were curious as to why this intruder was in their territory. Firewood was gathered and more goofing off ensued until dinner time. Soon the bats took over the skies and assisted with insect removal, which was already well below nuisance level.
  Soon after the light faded my camp fire was blazing and the stars were right up there where you'd expect them to be. By 10:00 my bed was cozy below me. My new home sewn under quilt held off the cooling night air (thanks to my wife Elita for helping me make it). It worked great but the low was only 55° at 4:00 when my sleep ended. By 5:30 my XOTU greeted me and we drove on down the road. Breakfast was at Dwayne's in Dover and was about as good as breakfast gets. This was my first time there and it was plenty crowded with locals. Th total hikeage was 6 miles. I was home well before lunch time...I love to eat.

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