Kings River Bluff in the McIlroy Wildlife Management Area
  Finally the weather cooled down to resemble fall. This prompted a drive in the Ozarks with my wife Elita. We ate breakfast at Kountry Kitchen Grille in Clarksville. This was the first time there since the open at 6:00 a.m., which is usually way too late for me. The food was really good and the price was quite cheap. We then headed north up Hwy 103 to hwy 215 then to Hwy 23 north to Huntsville. The fall colors were a bit disappointing. In some areas the trees looked past peak and in others peak had not yet been achieved. A temp as low as 23° was registered at one point along the way. Coffee was partaken of at Madison Coffee House on the square of old downtown Huntsville. This place was the town's original movie theater with the tiny ticket booth still intact. The coffee was good and the atmosphere comfy.
  Onward to the north we did travel up Hwy 23 to McIlroy WMA where a dirt road took us to a parking area deep within the confines of this woodland animal sanctuary. Many animals are protected and nurtured here for the many hunters we passed along the way to shoot. The hike to the overlook was about .5 miles down an old road bed trail. A lovely bluff is poised here at a tight bend in the Kings River. We had maybe 15 minutes to ourselves before a group of Amish teens strolled up and spoiled the serenity. This was to be expected as this spot seems to be well known in the area. The temp was now 35° and the sun provided some nice warmth.
  After exiting the WMA we drove through Withrow Springs State Park. This is a tiny but kinda cool little State Park that parallels the main highway. By now it was 1:00 p.m. lunch was had at Granny's Kitchen in Huntsville. This is a good sized restaurant and was so crowded that we were lucky to find a table. The food was great and the service excellent. Afterwards it was on though Kingston and then past Boxley. The home stretch took us to Hwy 16 and then down Hwy 7 to I-40 and home. The drive was pleasant and the food was as well. 

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