Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area, Rainy Morning Hike Near Greasy Creek
  Rain be damned...my weekend hike shall not be thwarted by a damp forest. At 6:00 a.m. the rain had paused long enough for me to enter the woods from Parker Ridge Rd on the northeastern edge of Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area. Sunrise would be at 6:50 if the clouds would allow it...but they would not allow it. It was dark, as usual, and 55°. A ridge was followed southeast until a bluff line was mounted above an arm of Greasy Creek. The bluffs were of decent quality and the views were even better. The lack of bright sunlight muted the remaining leaves still clinging to the yonder hillsides. A hawk called to some crows and a dilapidated woodpecker returned the message. A couple of gunshots bounced across the ridges from a distant location. The wind came from the southwest and carried darker clouds...I feared for my life. By 8:15 those very clouds released a load of moisture units and forced the donning of the rain gear. Time to head back, At 9:15 the gravel road was in view and my dry vehicle was soon protecting my ass. Hike miles only came to 3.5. Breakfast was at Denny's in Russellville at 3:30. Lunch was at home at noon. 

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