Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area, Deadly Hike on Greasy Creek
  A couple of weeks ago I took a short hike in the Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area and did not see much due to the rainy day that ensued. This week a return visit was made to explore some woodland features and such. After breakfast at Denny's in Russellville my vehicle lumbered up Hwy 7 to Hwy 16. From the town of Deer a southerly direction was undertaken on Parker Ridge Road. By 5:30 a herd of desperate woodland creatures stalked me into the shrubbery as my hike took me down into the valley of death. One by one the ravenous vermin were dispatched as my expert ambushing skills sent them back to their mommies. This major fork of Greasy Creek had a potential double wide cave that was spied from the bluffs above on the last trip here. After much searching this was never found. Oh well...onward down the hollow.
  There had been a reasonable quantity of rain the day before so the creeks were flowing at a moderate pace. The early morning temperature was 51° with fog and cloudy skies that were expected to diminish as the day progressed. The rocks were moist and seemed almost as if...lubed up. Every step taken sent me skating and nearly tumbling to my death off of shear precipices. "Greasy" Creek was appropriately named, even if this was just a mere tributary, it could possibly be the source of the pure slippage that plagued my Vibram soles at every turn. Eventually the main branch of the creek was met and sharp left turn moved me..now...upstream. By now the word had spread to all local varmints of my prowess. I now passed through the forest unmolested. 
  This is an interesting creek and never did signs of humanity intrude on my wild experience. Soon a waterfall was before me...the dreaded Chumbeaver Falls. It is said that the bucked teeth rodents inhabiting the hole below the falls should be approached with caution. My reputation preceded me and none were to be seen. A lone tree cluttered the left side of the pool...no doubt the work of theses chiseling bastards. After mounting the upper falls area, a hearty luncheon sandwich was partaken of while basking in the light of the cloudy day. The sun never did really show itself.
  The afternoon neared 3:00 and my hike up the nearly vertical walls of the valley was begun. By 4:00 my vehicle was in sight. The temp had fallen to 45°. The total loop miles approximated 8 of those units. This was a satisfying hike although some sunshine would have been greeted with much appreciation.

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