Dismal Hollow, Gladon Creek, Tributaries of the East Fork of the Little Buffalo
  The holidays were over. Cold temperatures were not enough to keep me from getting back into the shrubbery. My fuel needs were fulfilled by Denny's in Russellville. At 5:45 I wandered down a moonlit Hwy 16 that was void of activity. After a short walk the woods were entered on a northerly track with the frozen ground crunching under my boots. The temp was 14° and the skies clear with a waning gibbous of a moon. The air was still. The forest was quiet. The setting was real nice. Not long after sunrise the land dropped off into Dismal Hollow. The view from the south rim was a fine one. From here the bluff line was followed to the east to the East Fork and then up Gladon Creek. By lunch time it was 31° and the clouds began their coup of the day, removing the once bright day from my sight. Many frozen waterfalls were noted along the way. Some turkeys and woodpeckers and blue jays were communed with. By 1:20 my hike was finished. Eight miles were behind me. Woods good.

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