Hike Above and Across the Valley of Indian Creek, Ponca Wilderness
  The valley lay before me. The darkness faded as the moon dropped below the tree line at the top of the remote ridge of my perceived horizon. The wind blew with disdain for the fallen leaves. The leaves danced with indifference to the wind. The earth fell before my feet into the open rift. I gazed into the void of dawn soaked rock walls and barren tree forms. My mind calculated the scene and the result was impressive. How could this sliver of wilderness be unexplored, by me, until this day? The mere favor for the creek below by the masses had kept me away. The perspective from above the base of the gorge afforded a glimpse of the true nature of this sharp sided glen. It is a marvel to behold. The thermal reading of my instrument displayed a variation between 41° and 68° with a bounty of solar emittance throughout the hiking interval. This was initiated at 0530 hours and concluded at 1330 hours with a mileage expenditure at or above 6.5 miles. Breakfast was ingested at 0330 hours at the Denny's of Russellville. 

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