Snow Hike into Boen Gulf, Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
  Hwy 21 was snow covered as I progressed northward out of Clarksville. This is a winding and mountainous road that could prove to be difficult in winter weather. My mind was set on hiking in the snow and testing my new Subaru so this was something that had to be done. The road had a layer of previous snow plus a new layer that was falling at present. A manly breakfast was had at South Park Restaurant before embarking. There was no difficulty encountered on the drive up. CR 6 that leads to a Boen Gulf access point looked marginal so parking was had on the side of the highway. By 6:10 the snow covered woods surrounded me. The wind was calm and the temp was 20°.
  Before long Magnolia Falls was skirted and the tracks of a bunny were followed along the left side of the creek. There was close to three inches on the ground with snow continuing to fall lightly. My way was made past Woodhead Falls on the way to the Upper Buffalo. An early lunch under a rock overlooking the river was quite relaxing while the snow quietly entertained me. The hike back was not difficult and my car was in view by noon. A friendly local on a 4-wheeler pulled up and filled me in to the latest weather conditions. He was thankful for the gifted skunk as he road off. The high temp was 26° and the hike topped out at 5.5 miles. 

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