Richland Creek Wilderness Area Snow Hike, Overnight Aborted
  With some extra time on Friday my mind wandered and soon thoughts of hiking in the snow were bumping around my empty head. Before long my thoughts were realized as I motored north towards a forested location. Unfortunately the snow was quickly melting away and the dirt road leading to the woods was a churned up and muddy mess. There were occasional patches of snow. After many mud splashed miles the wilderness that is Richland Creek was entered. The day had bright sunshine with a temp around 38°. Before long a bluff's edge stopped my progress and a goodly wind from the south did slap me around a bit. My plan was to head down into the valley and camp but the thought of wind and a potential low of 20° changed my mind. After lounging around the cliff top for a while I headed back in shame. This hike topped out near 3.5 miles...pitiful! Some days the urge to sleep in the woods is just not strong enough. By 5:00 the mud hole of a road carried me down into the valley. Soon Hwy 16 rescued me from the slop. A lovely sunset improved my outlook as I made my way back home.

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