Backpacking Gladon Creek, Tributary of the East Fork of the Little Buffalo
  Breakfast!...7:30 a.m....Dewayne's in Dover. The place is crowded with locals. We listen in on many conversations within our perimeter. None are interesting. We eat our nutrition packed meals then are on our way north. At 9:30 we enter the Ozark National Forest. Gladon Creek is followed with the occasional waterfall interrupting the flow. After a time we move upward and mount the bluff line. The valley is beautiful with new spring green color. By 2:15 our bluff campsite is secured and all is made ready for the night. The temp is near 80°. The day is relaxed as we wander about the area. Night comes and the fire occupies us until 10:30 when we retire to the comfort of our hammocks. The breeze continues through the night and the temp drops to a comfortable 54°. We rise to a day with just the right ratio of clouds to sun. Camp is struck and we move towards the ridge line. By 9:00 we are back at the car and heading home. The hike is a good one one. Total distance is 5 miles.

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