Camping, Hiking and Kayaking at Buffalo Point on the Buffalo National River
  Buffalo Point...a manly location on the lower Buffalo River...has never held me for much more than a drive through or short visit. It always seemed a bit too crowded. But for three days and two nights in late spring we experienced its loveliness. We, being my wife Elita and myself, basked in the wonders of the noisy neighbor campers playing loud music. We also relaxed to the soft hush of their barking dogs without ever once hearing a "shuddup stupid". This is pretty much the norm in any campground as there are always those with no sense of the others around them. In general the time we spent there was excellent with the few minor drawbacks listed above. The campground was well designed and clean. The river was clear and the level was just right. The nights cooled just enough for comfort and insects were not a problem. Breakfast each day proved to be pretty tasty and the prices at the park restaurant were quite low. Our hike up Panther Creek to the Indian Rockhouse Cave was really groovy. Our kayaking was limited to the two miles paddling up to the Hwy 14 bridge and back, but that was plenty. We shall most definitely return for more of this action in future times.

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