Hike on the Big Brushy Trail in Southwestern Arkansas, Ouachita national Forest
  The name Big Brushy sounds so enticing I just had to see it. This trail lies a few miles west of Mt Ida on Hwy 270 in southwestern Arkansas. After breakfast at Waffle House in Hot Springs the trail was mounted around 5:30 a.m. Recent rains had the creek up somewhat. The trail follows Big Brushy Creek for 2.5 miles before heading upwards toward the ridge top. There are numerous water crossings along this stretch when the creek has water. Spiders were generous with their webs and many an encounter with these was enjoyed. The elevated aspect of this trail was more appreciated than the lower. Views this time of year were almost nonexistent. By 10:30 I was back at the parking area and a quick cool off in the creek was partaken of. It was a hot and humid morning but still quite pleasant. The total distance was near 7 miles. Many aspects of this trail were lovely but in general nothing too exciting was encountered.

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