Camping and Fishing at Cove Lake Campground North of  Mt Magazine
  As intentions don't always materialize, my destination was pushed farther west and a little to the north. Lake Sylvia was the original plan for an overnight camp out on Friday afternoon. Driving by the lake showed the area to be empty. The campground also appeared to be that way save for a couple of sites set up for someone with extended stay plans, it appeared. The one site by the lake most desired for this trip was occupied by a couple of scummy looking humanoids without even a tent set up. With an entire recreation area uninhabited...this spot was taken. I pulled into a campsite nearby and assessed the situation. These two were loud and obnoxious and it didn't take long to realize this would not be a peaceful place to relax. Before departing the campground the two subhuman creatures were approached with caution. I looked at the one with the least offensive face and stated in a low voice "I put these beauties aside for you", handing them each their own personal burlap bag of skunks. They each nodded with glee as I walked away in slow motion. It was felt that they did not fully understand their gifts...or maybe they did.
  So it was onward to the west in search of a suitable location. Lake Nimrod was scouted but was not appealing. The campground on Mt Magazine was full and bypassed as well. Cove Lake Campground north of there proved to be a welcoming site. My only problem was that the signs along the way noted that the gates were locked between 10:00 and 6:00. This made me feel like a prisoner and I don't want to be a prisoner. This fact was confirmed by the local guy running the place. Since my tendency is to get bored and pack up and leave...this was concerning. The decision was made to set up camp and if needed departure could be had before 10:00...it was now 5:00. 
  This is a beautiful campground for the most part and had plenty of sites to choose from near the lake. Is was a pleasant 85° with a breeze and insect action was at a minimum. Cove Lake is a moderately sized lake at 160 acres with a good feel to it due to the surrounding mountains and fairly clear water. The pine tree and hardwood combination was just right. I set up camp and relaxed with my beer and evening meal while gazing upon the sun filtered through the trees. The birds and squirrels and insects did serenade my ass as relaxation ensued. Not long after my mind turned to the lake. The sun was setting and my sleek and slender kayak was eased into the tranquil surface and propelled forward towards the other shore. The lure I did cast hit the surface numerous times with no response but one. My cast to strike ratio was 40:1 and the fishing ended with one decent ten inch bass. It was eaten raw on the spot. The lily pads nearby had sporadic drops of water rolling around their sky facing surfaces that resembled mercury. My camera battery was now dead...so no proof of this was obtained.
  After returning to camp preparations were made for bed and there I did go. The temp was comfortable and sleep came easily. At midnight the wind kicked up and changed direction and a distinct change in temperature and humidity was noted. By 3:00 it began to rain lightly and the fly was rapidly affixed to the tent. At 5:20 I was up and packing in a drizzle so as to meet the gate opening at 6:00. It was then off to Ckarksville for breakfast and then back home. This trip was just enough to give me what was needed to clear the mind and refresh other aspects of my existence.

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