Hike up the Main Prong of  Big Buffalo Creek, Upper Buffalo River
  Perfect weather requires, at least, an attempt to get outdoors. This particular weekend was set up to be filled with such weather. Even though the woods are still choked with summer growth, the need to get out there somewhere was great, so entering them in some manner was required. After the breakfast was had at South Park Restaurant in Clarksville I proceeded north up Hwy 21 to just past Fallsville to 1463. This gravel road is usually in decent repair but there was a huge mud puddle just past the cattle grate that indicated a decent rain occurred here within the last couple of days. After parking near Dixon Ford a short nap was taken, since it was 5:30 a.m. and a little more light was desired as to see the terrain better. By 6:30 the mostly dry creek bed of the Main Prong of Big Buffalo Creek was followed in an upstream direction. The temp was 49°. It did not take long to discover that this section of the Upper Buffalo did not have much to offer in the way of beauty. Upon reaching the entrance of  Nuckles Creek a prompt turn-around was made and my steps were retraced back downstream.
  Soon the boundary of the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area was crossed and the character of the river improved immediately. This section was familiar to me. After a series of bedrock stretches interspersed with rocky areas, a neat spot was reached. This was as far as I decided to go. Lunch and relaxing and exploring took place here with a temp in the 60's and bright skies overhead. Butterflies and lizards and turkeys were observed doing what they do. My gear would accommodate staying overnight but too much free time until night fall had me thinking otherwise. I headed back and by 1:00 was back at the car. A fellow there was lost and in search of Hawksbill Crag. My vast knowledge of the area was revealed to him and he was sent on his way, surely to get lost again. By now it was 70°. My all-wheel drive unit easily darted out of the valley and took me homeward. This hike was a piddling 5 miles but still quite enjoyable.

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