Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area, Hike Above and Along the Creek with Rain
  Fall is here. It should be in full force in the Ozarks by now. The drive up Hwy 7 and onto Hwy 123 had me wondering what condition the the forest would be in since the roads were covered with leaves. Rain and wind was prevalent through the night and the rain continued to fall. While eating breakfast at Denny's in Russellville I had pondered the situation. It was still raining when arrival was made on the edge of the Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area. The choice was made to wear shorts and a T-shirt and just plan on getting wet. Raingear would be way too hot and uncomfortable at 60°. At 6:30 a.m. I headed in and made my way up a tributary of the main creek. Sunrise was not until 7:30. My way was blocked by a waterfall with minimal flow so a way around was found after some back tracking. This way around involved much risk and potential death, so it was utilized. Danger was not an impediment since I am an idiot.
  Around sunrise the bluff line was mounted. This particular bluff line was seen from across the valley during a recent hike and camp, over there. Luckily the fog was minimal and the rain had essentially stopped...but for how long? The was no visible sunrise, yet I knew it existed. Even with the cloudiness the view was marvelous. The Hurricane Creek valley is a wondrous place. This knowledge was already mine and now reinforced on this fine morning. The trees below were well adorned with their autumnal wardrobe and my gaze did linger upon this sight for a time. After much rejoicing the hillside was traced around the bend and to the north until a large feeder creek was encountered. It was here that I did begin my descent. This creek had a fair flow of water. This is Terwilliger Creek. Jim Bob Terwilliger roamed this area in the early 1800's and lived nearby with his wife Susie. He never took her out in public for she was an unsightly creature. Jim Bob loved her just the same. The creek makes a fairly straight path down to its confluence with Hurricane Creek and drops over a small fall before joining its mother.
  Once at the valley floor the flow was followed downstream. Even though the water level was marginal the lower valley was delightful. All rock surfaces remained treacherously slick and my life was again placed in great peril. Soon the path followed, being the creek, gave way to the old road followed in early this morning. By 1:30 my vehicular device was in sight and my journey over. The temp had only risen to 63° and the rain had passed, leaving only clouds behind with a waft of fog here and there. My total hike mileage was 5.5 imperial units. I savored every step...for every step was savory.

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