Richland Creek Wilderness Area to Long Devils Fork
  This may sound familiar, but I just ate breakfast at Denny's in Russellville at 3:15 a.m. The road then carried me northward to Richland Creek not too far from Ben Hur on Hwy 16 in Newton County. At 5:00 with a temp of 52° and mostly cloudy skies, my vehicle was abandoned and the woods entered with a course laid out for the wilderness. After passing through an area of private property and sneaking past many a sleeping bumpkin, the true forest of Richland lay before me...and it lay well. This country is unique and areas such as this are hard to find. Why, one would have to travel tens of twenties of miles...maybe more...it could be upwards into the thirties...to find land this gorgeous. 
  Near sunrise...which on this particular day was about 6:30...the valley of Richland Creek spread its blanket of fineness before mine eyes. The roar came up from below as Suzy Jimmy and Squabcracker Falls dropped over the bedrock that gave way to create them just a few years ago. There was a goodly breeze that did cool my loins as my way was made downstream and to the north. After many overlooks were passed it came to be nigh upon midday. This is what typically signals to me that food should be crammed into my beaver hole. A suitable overlook above Long Devils Fork was located and luncheon did commence. By this time-o-day the sun was partially visible and the breeze did lightly caress my fully laden jowls. 
  After this fine repast my way was maid down the treacherous 45° slope to the creek where Jim Bob Falls presided. This is a large block of  stone, maybe eight feet high with many rivulets of flow cutting through the bedrock and entering the pool at its base with smooth action. This spectacle was observed for a time until the realization that the day was getting on and return was required. By 3:30 the parking spot my unit resided on was before me. A group of hearty red neckersons passed me on my way out. They looked wore out as the sat upon their 4-wheelers and side-by-sides and other assorted off road devices. Holding on to that steering wheel can provide a feeling of fatigue that can only be induced by activities this demanding. My gift to each was their very own, personal skunk complete with carrying case. They each smiled with gratitude and my day was complete. The max temp was around 62° with a distance hiked a little over 9 miles. 

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