Rainy Morning Hike Along Whitaker Creek, Compton's Falls, Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
  The Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area is good. Damn good. It is good in many ways. This hike displays how good it is along this particular way on this particular day. The way of choice on this day involved one of the two major tributaries of the Buffalo within the boundaries of this wilderness. Boen Gulf is one but today Whitaker Creek gets the focus. Most know of this area only from visiting Hawksbill Crag...which is sad. There is so much more to the valley than this simple overhang. Breakfast was at the South Park Restaurant in Clarksville. Why not visit this 24 hour alternative to Waffle House just across the freeway and partake of its delicacies. 
  Arrival was made at the edge-o-wilderness on Cave Mountain Road around 5:15 a.m. Rain was lightly falling and the temp was 45°. The wind was shoving some trees around on the ridge tops but was not too bad at my level. It was the 2nd official weekend of the modern gun deer hunting season. At this time guys with names like "Red Neckerson" and "Buddy Bob Bubberson" gather on the periphery of the forest for the annual festival of the deer woods. My expectation of a hunter encounter is low in areas such as this since a lack of roads into the wilderness prevents 4-wheeler access...and that would mean there is walking involved. The drainage was followed down until contact was made with Whitaker Creek. The flow of water was only fair. Once on the brink of Jim Bob Compton's Double Wide Falls, it was evident that only half the unit was functional at this moment. Earlier in the week would have been the time to be here.
  The rain was still coming and going as my way was made down the creek. Piglicker Falls on the south side of the creek was pretty dry. Before long the ridge to the north was mounted and then it began to lightly sleet. The temp was slowly falling as the cold front advanced. The bluff line was followed and Whitaker Point was seen in the distance. It was hoped that the crappy weather would keep the throngs away. My plans did not involve going there but it was in view much of the while. After a time I circled around to the Lower Fork of Whitaker Creek and headed back to the road. By 12:45 the car was in sight and the sun was partially out. The temp had fallen to 37° and stayed there. Overall hike mileage was five. Much joy was had.

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