Hike Down Dog Branch and Willis Branch, East Fork of the Little Buffalo
  The East Fork of the Little Buffalo Wilderness Area...sound familiar? Well...it does not exist, but it should. This stream and its drainage are one of the most beautiful areas in Arkansas. No one knows this except for those that ride 4-wheelers and side by sides. There are a few roads in and around these valleys and ridges that do see some of this manner of traffic, but I have yet to come across one while out there. This week's visitation covers a bluff line on the east side of the river between Dog Branch and Willis Branch. Breakfast occurred at Denny's in Russellville. Afterwards, arrival was made at Newton County 8583 off of Newton County 8766 off Hwy 16 off Hwy 7. At approximately 6:00 a.m. I entered the forest.
  The woods were penetrated with darkness still present. Skies were cloudy and the temp was 59°. The forest density was not too bad, and walking was without difficulty. Only a pack of coyotes came close to impeding my progress. Before long the bluff line was approached above the confluence of Dog Branch an the East Fork. This line was followed around to the northwest until Willis Branch was in site. The valleys of Gladon Creek, Dismal Hollow, Buckner Hollow and Lee Hollow were all seen across the valley. It was a site to behold. Cloudiness did tone down the beauty somewhat. Three waterfalls were passed with minimal flows. By 1125 my hike was complete with a temp of 63°. Miles covered were 4.2.

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