Ponca Wilderness Bluff Hike Above the Buffalo River
  The plan? Backpacking with my brother...he bailed. The new plan? Hike into Ponca Wilderness and possibly stay overnight. Both plans failed. The hike into the Buffalo did happen...just no camping. Breakfast was obtained at South Park Restaurant in Clarksville. I originally was going into the upper Big Piney Creek area but changed my mind on that. After an hour long nap from 4:30 to 5:30 at the Ozone Recreation Area I headed for Ponca and drove down to Steel Creek. The campground was full! I totally forgot it was spring break. There was some contemplation of crossing the river there and going in from that point but it was quickly dismissed. Instead, a connection was made on the Chimney Rock Trail off of Hwy 43. It was near 37° when the forest was entered at 8:00 a.m.
  It was a wonderful day aside from the 10 mph winds that tossed me to and fro...mostly fro. The sun was full on when my bluff of choice was arrived at. The river was flowing fairly nicely and some signs of spring were evident in the valley below me. By 11:30 my decision not to stay the night was made. An expected windy night with a low near 30° and too much afternoon time to kill in one place were the main factors influencing my departure. I made the dreaded steep climb out and by 12:50 was back at the OTV. The temp was now 52°. Round trip mileage was a measly three. 

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