Lovell Hollow in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
  The Upper Buffalo Wilderness has many areas of interest. After breakfast at South Park Restaurant in Clarksville I entered one of these areas. It was 5:15, dark and 39°. The moon was high and fairly full. Frogs around a local pond were drowning out all other animal noises. By 6:00 the flowing water of Lovell Hollow was heard. It was too dark to fully visualize the landscape. The sun arrived above the valley much after 7:00 and revealed a series of falls, mostly slides, in this short run hollow. The Buffalo was not far away, and it was in view by 8:45. The water level was just enough to fill it bank to bank. It was lovely. The river was followed for a short while before returning back up to the valley rim. This was a only a five mile hike but it was quite enjoyable. No one shot at me. It was 65° at 11:30 when I returned to my origin. There was much rejoicing.

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