Hike Near Wolf Bayou in Cleburne County
  Wolf Bayou! Where the hell is that dang place? Well sir...it's in Cleburne County, Arkansas. It is, unfortunately, surrounded by logging operations. It may be a bayou down below but in the upper reaches it is hardly that. The hike in was on logging roads and easy hiking. It was 60° at 5:15 a.m. and the clear skies encountered on the drive up were clouding up quickly. No beauty along the way, of course, due to clear cuts and such. After reaching the bluff line the valley floor was sought after and attained. The brush was too much along the creek to allow for reasonable travel so it was back up the hill. Perhaps a winter visit would make more sense. By 8:00 the skies were clearing and the temp had dropped to 56° with a goodly breeze from the northeast. I did not linger long and by 9:15 my car was back in sight. The total hike was 6.5 miles in measured distance. 

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