Hike Along the Buffalo River Near Erbie, Buffalo River and Old River Trails
  There are still many trails I have yet to hike within the Buffalo National River boundaries. During the summer months, when the forest is thick, I am forced onto these pathways to avoid the deadly perils of the shrubbery. Featured now is the Erbie area. Here we find a combination of the Buffalo River Trail, the Old River Trail and an occasional road. It seems there should be a trail system the entire length of the river but alas, there is none. Rain fell in this locale up until the woods were entered at 6:00 a.m. and some drizzle continued for a bit after that. 73° was the rule for most of the morning. Humidity was a given. Breakfast prior to arrival was had at Denny's in Russellville at 2:30 or so.
  The trails in this area are poorly marked and confusing with so many directions to choose from. I have discovered that the Buffalo River Trail tends to be superior to the the Old River Trail in most stretches of the Buffalo. Spider webs plagued me for the duration of the hike but ticks did not. This particular expanse of river is littered with pastures, landmarks and power lines and has a less-than-remote feel. Many areas are still quite lovey. The most interesting section was near the end as the trail came close to the edge of a bluff and provided a view of the river. Upon exit at 11:30 the temp had barely risen to 76° and the sun was was making abbreviated displays with increasing frequency. My total distance was calculated to be 8.6 miles with two river crossings.

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