Hike Along the Buffalo River Near Pruitt, Old River and Buffalo River Trails
  Thunderstorms again! The search for decent summertime trails had me within the Buffalo National River once more. There was heavy rain on the way up but had moved on through by my arrival. Breakfast was at Denny's in Russellville. By 5:05 a.m. I was crossing the Hwy 7 bridge over the Buffalo at Pruitt. The temp was around 75° and the forest was well soaked. This meant an abundance of mud but an absence of ticks...mud preferred! The Old River Trail and the Buffalo River Trail were both utilized on the hike to Ozark Campground, where some time was spent near Briar Bluff. Thunder was heard but the rain stayed away. The Buffalo River Trail had, as usual, the best hiking terrain. A couple of wild hogs were almost stumbled over in the middle of the trail during the predawn aspect of the hike. By 9:20 I had returned to my car with a temp of 76°. A lovely cleansing and cooling swim was had at Pruitt with a light rain falling. My total hike distance was right at 6 miles. 

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