Pine Forks, Upper Big Piney Creek Three Man Overnight Backpack
  This fall season has been lovely even though the color potential for the Ozarks was never fully realized. We decided to go anyway. The 19th century woodsman Jim Bob Buschkraft always said "You won't know, if you don't go". These are words I have lived by...for indeed, there are many places I know nothing about...seeing as how I've never visited them. On this biannual occasion my exploration team consisted of  Kelly, Chase and me. This hearty group first assembled at Dewayne's in Dover for massive ingestion of breakfast items. We felt right at home with our hunter orange ensembles purchased just yesterday at Jimmy Chuck Hunt and Kill in Syler City. Many a fellow hunter eyed our garb with envy as we kicked aside chairs and small children to get to our chosen table. The breakfast was on par with many cafes in the region. We left without paying our bill and moved north up Highway 7 at a high rate of speed.. 
  At 10:00 a.m. we removed all of our crappy hunting gear and penetrated the forest's edge. We were not hunting, only hiking. We made plenty of noise as our party passed many a large pine and oak and beech. The temp was 48° and the skies were about as bright as a sky could be. Before long our destination was arrived at and we experienced much pleasure viewing its precipitous and precarious location. Some lounged and some set up camp. Then some set up camp while others lounged. There was much time for such. The high must have reached near 68°. The routine camp duties gave way to frolic as the perimeter was explored with robust manliness. Many small animals were wrestled with and released. As the sun set our scrumptious feasts were prepared and pie-holed.
  The fire rose up and there was much rejoicing. Many hours were spent about the glowing ring while stories old and new were spoken of, most of which were pure nonsense. By 10:00 the sleeping units were entered and much slumber ensued. We rose by 7:00 with a low of 31° and the same sky as the day before. Packing ensued and by 8:45 the RDU (Recreational Delivery Unit) was in view. The total hike distance was an unmanly two miles. 

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