Hike Down Leatherwood Creek in Leatherwood Wilderness Area  with Plans to Camp
  Five thirty a.m. Thursday morning...first time for breakfast at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Greenbriar...food eaten...tasty. Onward to northern Arkansas. The morning had promising characteristics including bright sun, temperature of 30° and excellent destination. It begins with the uppermost tendrils of Leatherwood Creek and trace them downstream. The bed is dry...but wait...water does eventually surface and flows. The creek widens...it is quite lovely. Many dangers are narrowly averted...my life spared over and over. The mother of this nature shows mercy. Much rejoicing is had with a light lunch at high noon. The sangwhich packed with my own hands the night before dances upon my tongue and provides much savoriness. Oh...the joy!
  Once refreshed the journey continues to a higher plane...one well above the valley floor that has provided me with so much pleasure. The slope taunts me with its small and almost spherical stones and threatens to slide me down from whence I came. I struggle and with great human effort...become victorious. The view westward is pretty damned good...but trees thwart my gaze from attaining full vision down the valley. "This bluff will not do!" I proclaim to the panoramic landscape! No one is listening...for this land is mine...all mine I tell you! The search continues for an adequate bluff in which to rest my loins and offer me succor for my urgent longings. The quest leaves me quenchless. "Damn you...you wilderness without proper bluffs on which to camp!" I call across to the far off cliffs...over there. 
  After numerous disappointments and near tumbles over the many ledges, I move towards the ridgeline in hopes of securing a campsite there...for I have become quite weary. Unfortunately, the elevated portions of this forest offer only tangles and brush and stickers. I push on and come to the conclusion that this will be a hike lacking in resolved expectations. I pause...and weep bitterly. I shout to the trees and fall to my knees...there is no reply. A tiny ladybug crawls across a trig just above eye level. I once again regain hope and pull myself up with the help of a red maple sapling. "If only I had some trekking poles" I thought...but quickly brushed that thought aside with the assurance that this was manly outdoor adventure. I trudged forward and soon my transportation unit was before me. It carried me towards the sunset and homeward. Nine miles were covered this day.

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