East Fork of the Little Buffalo Snow Hike Near Willis Hollow
  Snow in the woods is always an invitation for a visit. A forecast for low temperatures in the state did give me some reluctance. The uncertainty of road conditions was a factor as well. I left the house with a temp around 13°. Breakfast was at Denny's in Russellville at 3:30 a.m. I-40 was clear of ice and snow and Hwy 7 had a few patchy areas but overall the drive up was uneventful. The dirt road in was fully snow covered and easily passed. The forest was entered from the east at 6:15 with 6° on my car's thermometer. My anatomy was well layered so the cold was manageable. The bluff line above Willis Hollow was reached before sunrise. I then continued on around to the East Fork in search of a bluff with an open view.
  The ideal spot was never encountered so I settled with what was available. The snow depth averaged 2-3 inches and was very dry and light. Waking upon this layer was enjoyable and not terribly slippery. The low temperature was not kind to most of my batteries, as expected. The day turned bright and clear and there was much rejoicing. By 10:30 my origin was reached with 20°...quite a warm up. The loop hiked totaled 4.5 miles. 

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