Hike Down Mikes Creek, Tributary of Murray Creek in Johnson County
  Ever eat a pine tree? Me neither. Instead I ate breakfast at South Park Restaurant in Clarksville around 3:30 a.m. and then headed up Hwy 21 to a location near Ozone. Mikes Creek flows east then south where it joins Murray Creek. On its way to this meeting it passes through a very beautiful and undisturbed valley with no signs of civilization...pretty much, anyway. At 5:19  with 32° on the weather dial my carcass began the hike to a bluff above the valley of this very creek. There the sunrise was witnessed before moving into the depths below. 
  Mike Anvil was the dude that established the Gillian Settlement in this very area. He and his brother Jim Bob Anvil named the community after the chick that they both lusted after...Gillian McSquib. Just three years after its development the group met its demise when the two brothers killed each other in a fight over young Gilly. She then moved back to her hometown of Chucktown Arkansas where she lived out her life as the town librarian. History aside, this is a fine stream that was a pleasure to explore. My journey totaled 7.4 miles with an exit from the woods at 3:00 with a sunny 50°.

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