Kayaking the Cossatot River from Ed Banks to Sand Bar
  After breakfast at Waffle House in Hot Springs my direction was west with a lean to the south. It had just began to rain lightly but by the time I reached the river the intensity had increased. The hike from the take-out at the Sand Bar bridge is a nice two mile walk. The Cossatot River Trail is well maintained and is quite lovely. By 7:45 a.m. my boat was wet with river water and the rain was still falling. The level was at 3.5 feet and very slowly rising. The temp was 77° with a wet wind in the face. I ran straight through with no stops since photography would be a hassle with all the moisture. By 12:00 I was back home. The entire circuit was around four miles of combined hiking and paddling. The water level was near the low end of a recommended minimum of 3.3 feet, but was still quite fun. 

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