Steep Hollow Hike in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area Near Bowers Hollow
  Last week I visited this area and decided to return for more Upper Buffalo action. This time entry was made a half a mile downstream from Terrapin Branch on 45° Hollow. Breakfast was had at the Waffle House in Clarksville prior to embarking. At 5:00 a.m. with 69° the shrubbery was penetrated and the quite steep and short hollow was followed in a downward direction. The river was accessed not long after sunrise and was traced downstream. Bowers Hollow was passed coming in from the west and then Boen Gulf Branch came in from the east not too much farther downstream. The original plan was to head upstream on this creek and out but a decision was made not to. Instead, the ridge route was opted for and by 12:50 with clouds and 79°, my origin came into view down the road. Total hikeage was 7.3 miles. One bear was encountered along the way. He was delicious.

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