City Rock Bluff
City Rock Bluff on the White River near Calico Rock
  Two and a half miles upstream from Calico Rock, this magnificent bluff is located. One must drive 2.5 miles off of Hwy 5 on a dirt road, but it is well worth the dust to get there. There is a small parking area and it's only about 100 yards from the road to the edge. City Rock Bluff is a towering chunk of terrain with undercut edges and a huge expanse of flat rock at the top for wandering around on. Please visit this area and toss your trash over the side as many other bastards have before you. Also feel free to spray paint your name and other words of wisdom all over the rocky surfaces as these same intelligent scum suckers have also done. Above all...do not wander over the rim in a drunken stupor and become just another piece of trash in the pile below.

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