Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area overnight backpack in Boen Gulf
  The afternoon was warm for October 13th...83° to be specific. The sun was tuned to near the stopping point on the knob...you know...the one that controls the brightness. The humidity dial was set to moderate, but it was still a might on the muggy side. At 1:40 p.m. the forest welcomed me in...I accepted the invitation and entered. Fall colors were subtle. The breeze entered my expensive Tyrolean hiking shorts at the leg openings and caressed my loins. Occasionally, a spider would dangle from my hat brim until it was flicked into the shrubbery. Those little bastards should know better than to construct their trampolines in front of my visage. Web action had definitely declined since a month or so ago. Soon ridge gave way to valley and the plane of the bluff line was passed through as I dropped into Chiblocker Hollow. Jimmy Chiblocker lived in a nearby cave in the mid 1800's and died there after an attack from the local Jimbobwe Indians that inhabited the area long before his arrival. This was a lesser known tribe found only around the Buffalo River. A standard bluff base was traced for some time and then abandoned for the creek bed below. Within minutes, Boen Gulf Branch was in sight and forded...a simple task since it was essentially dry.
  My attention now turned to the difficult duty that lay before me...that being the the climb up the other side of the valley. I embraced it with vigor and proceeded to scramble up, over and through the many death traps that littered the hillside. It seemed to take longer than expected to reach the bluff line, but by 3:00 the the uppermost ledge was achieved and followed to the west. My destination was located and a weary sigh was released as I fell to the pine needle covered surface. Camp was assembled and all was made ready for a lovely evening gazing into the Boen Gulf. This was done until sunset. Food was served up partaken of. The remainder of the evening and night was composed of just relaxing and trying to sleep while fending off various forest creatures that took their turns attacking my ass. They were all easily defeated and tossed over the cliff.     Sad.
  Sleep did eventually take me down and at 6:30 I did rise. The low temp was 66°. My hope was for a number closer to 60. Clouds were moving in but the morning was a beauty. By 9:00 the camp was exited and before I could say "Chiblocker" my OTU (Outdoor Transportation Unit) was in site. The outgoing temp was 75° at 10:50. Recorded mileage was 7.9 imperial units.

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