Richland Creek Wilderness Area
Richland Creek Wilderness Area, Richland Campground camping, sandcastles hike
  It's that Fall time a year and that means campin' in the shrubbery, man. My wife-woman Elita and I headed up to Richland Creek fer some campground on wilderness action. The weather started out perty comfy but chilled up and got cloudy on day two when we headed over to visit the Sandstone Castles at the southeast end of the Big Middle Ridge. I mean that ridge is big, man...and long. The total hike in and back was around 5.5 miles. We spent two nights and then moved towards Jasper fer some breakfast on the edge of the Arkansas Grand Canyon. You can't beat the view from the Cliff House Restaurant and the food is perty damn good, man. The rest of the day was spent drivin towards home and stuff. It did get down to 27° on Friday night but we stayed perty damn warm none tha less.

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