Richland Creek Wilderness Area
Richland Creek Wilderness Area, hike to the upper creek area
  On this cool Fall morning in early December my presence collided with that of the dark woodland. It was 4:30 a.m. The moon was near fullness but a goodly cover of clouds blocked all of its guiding luminance. The Richland Creek Wilderness embraced my quickly warming body as it moved up the hollow in the direction of the upper plateau that would take me in a westerly direction. Even with 48°, perspiration was upon me. Many a giant boulder was dodged on the rugged climb. Many a fierce creature was pushed aside with great swiftness. Soon the ridge was attained and followed to the flat above. Prior to arrival here my breakfast was served by a less than enthusiastic wait person at Denny's in Russellvile. It was fairly edible. After a time on the mountain top, Richland Creek showed itself as the ridge fell away into the broad Richland Valley that I have found myself hiking in on numerous occasions in the past. I descended with caution as the the slope was nearing a forty-five degree incline...or was it a decline. A lower bluff was reached where much communing with the nature ensued at this location.
  Long after sunrise this place of beauty was abandoned and the ridge above was mounted once more. The ominous form of the mountain before me was shaped like the stump of a monstrous tree. My path carried me around and over the summit to the northern edge. This edge, razor sharp as it was, begged me to cross into the next treacherous descent. With great difficulty my next bluff was located and a hearty lunch was consumed with vigor. The intermittent cloud cover created a fine pattern on the forested hills before me. My loins became rested while the valley entertained my ass. With regained strength from sandwich and buff action, I headed down once more with with the creek locked in as the next goal. Several bluffs were scrambled past until the creek was in sight. It was traced back to the campground where this day of manly hiking ended. It was 1:30 p.m. with 68°. Miles hiked totaled 6.5.

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