Little Missouri River
Hike to the top of Blaylock Mountain above the Little Missouri River
  The Little Missouri River winds its way through the Ouachita National Forest in southwestern Arkansas. The terrain surrounding this stream is rugged with jagged rocks composed of quartz and chert and such. The mountains rise tall against the valleys...taunting the lowlands from above. Most of these ridges are deadly dangerous. Many have perished attempting the summit. I did not. This is my story.
  Breakfast was served at Waffle House in Hot Springs around 3:00 a.m. My start point was reached just before 5:00 with a temp of  27°. Skies were mostly clear with a sliver moon and a few random clouds. The wind was near calm. I quickly mounted the mountainside and scrambled to the top of Blaylock Mountain's jagged spine. There I assumed a waiting posture, for the sun would rise shortly and my position was optimal for sunrise action. The sun did rise. I vacated the area around 9:30 and made it back to the car by 10:30 with three hard miles behind me. 

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