Horsehead Creek
Bluff and valley hike, West Fork of Horsehead Creek, Ozark National Forest
  Here's a lake I don't recall having visited, for some reason. Possibly, in the early 80's my path took me by here, but there is no recollection up in my head of having done so. This area is just northwest of Clarksville. Two forks enter this small lake on the edge of the Ozarks and the Ozark National Forest. Only one exits. My exploration on this day is of the West Fork. It began this morning in early February with 28° and skies of shifting cloudiness. At 5:00 a.m. my near death journey into this valley of death was mounted. So innocent was I to expect just an average Saturday morning hike. But first some foods of the early day were crammed deep into my gullet, providing the requisite sustenance that would carry me into hell and, hopefully...back again.
  The climb to the upper plateau was difficult. Steep slopes cluttered with rocks and boulders of many sizes and weights littered the hillside. Vines and shrubberies and stickers and prickers forced me down into an almost crawling position with only slow progression. With great determination and gritty manliness, the summit was achieved after much pain and hardship. From there onward, all was not too terribly bad. 
  A bluff was located with an adequate view of the valley and there was much rejoicing. After time well spent at this location my eyes turned downward...as did my legs. Once again the steepness attempted to take me down...but no! The creek eventually came into view, and it was quite lovely in nature and stature and character. Many small falls did tumble some water over their stratified edges. My direction turned downstream and by 11:00 a ham sangwhich was twixt my lips. The sun massaged my weary loins as the act of lounging beside the brook ensued. When crop and gizzard were fully filled I rose and continued on. It was at 12:12 that my hike did end. The sky was more clouds than not with a temp around 38°. Six miles were registered on my scout pedometer. That is not a great quantity of miles, but the quality was not too damned bad, man.

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