Rock House Hollow
Hike down Rock House Hollow to Cave Creek, Ozark National Forest
  Just across the road from the Richland Creek Wilderness Area is a whole other group of valleys and hollows worth visiting. The Cave Creek watershed has many tendrils of interest. On this Sunday morning my exploration involved a creek that I had seen on the map numerous times over the years. At 5:30 a.m. with 33° and essentially clear skies, my hike began. Breakfast was poorly served by Susie the server at Denny's prior to my arrival here. Parking was provided by the Rosamund Cemetery, the final resting place of Daniel Bob Queeslin. An old road was used to enter the forest but shortly my direction turned downward into the chasm. The creek had a fair amount of water in it but soon disappeared underground and stayed there for quite a while.
  After much struggle through boulder gardens and elevated scrambles above the creek an overhang appeared before me. This had to be the shelter style cave for which the the hollow was named. It was indeed and was of moderate size. It did have an usual feature as to where the creek bed came right up inside of it. After some time spent exploring here I continued downstream. The creek did eventually reappear, most of the flow coming out of the side of a hill. Very curious was this. Cave Creek was followed for bit before my path headed back up the hill...a very long and steep hill. By 1:05 with cloudy skies and 49° my vehicle was before me. The hike occurred over a distance of 6.5 miles, most of which were difficult. The rock house for which this hollow was named does exist. I wonder no more.

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