East Fork of the Little Buffalo
Hike up the Long Branch of the East Fork of the Little Buffalo
  The East Fork of the Little Buffalo is a river with much to offer. The valley and its many tributaries are pretty much undisturbed. The ridges above are covered with farmland and other rural areas, but most of these are not visible from the valleys and bluffs here. This exploration involves the Long Branch, which enters from the east. It is one of the larger forks that feed the main river. At 5:30 a.m. with 52°, the forest welcomed me into its bosom. The bluff line above was traced to the East Fork by darkness, as is my way. Sunrise came and was less than spectacular from my vantage point above the confluence with these two creeks. After some tome spent there, my direction was aimed at the valley floor. The main creek was flowing fairly well, but the Long Branch was dry at its mouth. Water did appear not far upstream where Wigbuzzard Falls dropped into a blue-green pool at its base. I thought, “how nice” and moved on. The flow of water came and went as I followed the creek bed upstream. The creek was quite steep and filled with an abundance of boulders, probably more than I have ever encountered in a stream here in Arkansas. After much struggle and many near deadly encounters, I emerged back up top and made it back to my car at 1:20 with 70°. I then drove home…where I live. My hike was 4.5 miles. 

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