Flatside Wilderness Area
Flatside Wilderness Area, Ouachita National Forest, hike of spring
  Springtime in the Ouachitas always takes me back to when I first began my exploration of the area in 1980. These memories have always been held dear in my heart...oh my, yes! The edge of the wilderness was entered at 5:30 a.m. with mostly cloudy skies and 54°. Breakfast was eaten just prior at Waffle House in Little Rock. The woods were dark and filled with scariness. I was sore afraid. A ridge was followed west until it fell into the valley of Crystal Prong. This is a lovely little creek with water that tumbles ever so gently over its rocky bed.
  My path continued westerly for a time more and then circled back to a beaver pond downstream of where I crossed earlier. Lunch was had along a tributary that paralleled the Ouachita Trail. The sun came and went, but mostly just went for the duration of the morning. By 12:45 with 72° my origin showed itself. This hike on this day had a measured distance of 6.7 miles and was ever so enjoyable.

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