Undisclosed Creek
Hike down the Creek of the unknown
  Some mornings circumstances force me to eat at Waffle House. At 2:45 a.m. Saturday morning, I did just that...ate the less than optimal food. I much prefer the home town, small, country cafe with local hillbillies surrounding me. Their stories and news of the town provide a comfortable setting for breakfast. This particular meal was decent, and got me started for the day ahead.
  My location was arrived at and by 5:00. The dark and quite damp and dripping forest cradled my loins. Recent rain promised flowing water and the beauty of that. 62° was the reading. Before sunrise my quest was before me. I watched as the darkness faded and the fog began its swirling ritual. The sun soon cut through this and all that lay before me was made clear. The terrain was as fine or finer than much of what my eyes have experienced here in the Ozarks.
  The way down to the creek was difficult and death was averted, just barely, on numerous occasions. My creek was mostly bedrock and had water that tumbled in a manner well suited to my preferences for creeks in general. My feet traced its edges for a time and at some point my path turned back skyward. My way back was along fields, but I kept to the cover of the shrubbery to remain anonymous. By 12:00 with 75° my short journey ended. My vehicle quickly carried me safely away without notice. The total hike mileage was 5.3 miles. This location is to remain undisclosed.

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