Spring Creek, Buffalo River
Hike on Spring Creek to the Buffalo National River, Spring Creek Bluff, Buffalo River Trail
  As the warmer weather proceeds, areas of exploration change. Today a visit to a tributary of the Buffalo on the lower end of the river is embarked upon. After another average breakfast at Waffle House I arrived at a parking location well above the valley to the northwest of Harriet. It was 4:50 a.m. with a cloudy 71°  with 100% humidity. Rain had just finished with potential for more that day. My track began to the west on a minor dirt road that ended with two spurs going right and left. I took the right fork and within seconds heard what sounded like a .22 rifle being shot, as if for a warning of being not welcome. With a couple more steps another round went off. I turned off my headlamp, looked and listened...saw no lights and heard nothing more. The other fork sounded like the better option. 
  Quickly the woods were entered and distance was made from the area in question. Soon Spring Creek was at my feet and the wading began. When the light was enough to see by naturally, the spinning rod was pulled out and the fishing initiated. The temp dropped to 67° here. Many a cast was made with no interest from the fish. Finally, a really big eight inch smallmouth took the bait and after much struggle, was landed. My limit was reached and a few more tries here and at the Buffalo yielded no results. When the river was reached it was wide, flowing well and showed numerous gravel bars. All were lacking campers. No canoes were seen anywhere. The river was mine...all mine I tell you! Some time was spent here. A large bluff towered to the right just downstream. Light fog rose above the valley. Birds made noises. The river flowed with not too much effort.
  Soon, it was back up the creek and on to the Buffalo River Trail. A light rain fell. This fine specimen of wooded way was followed to the top of Spring Creek Bluff. A fine view was had here. The remainder of trail took me back to the road of the beginning of the hike. I liked this trail. Lush, verdant, well maintained and fairly level it was. At 10:35 with 78° the clouds were breaking up and my car was in view. The stroll was 4.7 miles in length and quite lovely.

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