Buffalo National River
Kayaking upstream from South Maumee, Buffalo National River
  On the lower end of the Buffalo River, there are two put in points that bear the same name. These are Maumee North and Maumee South. North is just upstream from South and has a longer drive in than South, so I chose South. After a skank filled breakfast at Waffle House in Conway at 2:15 a.m., my trusty Subaru carried me north the the South put-in. There were moments when my car travelled in an easterly direction and also a westerly direction as well. At 5:00, my sleek green kayak was was slid from the gravel into the water. The morning was calm and quiet with about 69°. The quarter moon was low and initially directly in line with my line of travel. Whippoorwills called in constant monotony. I paddled forth into the darkness with my headlamp lighting the way. The river level was 4 feet at the St Joe guage, which is on the low end while still being passable. Shallows that were impassable forced a strategy of wade and tow to enable continued progression upstream.
  Not long after the river was visible with natural light, I cast for the really big bass that inhabit these waters. Many an assorted bass was landed and tossed back. An occasional chub was also caught using my extremely high dollar spinning tackle. Most were taken on a vintage Flying Dingbat spinner from 1963. The bass and the cubs just really enjoy having this little bastard between their lips for some odd reason. After a limit of 20 to 27 fish were played hard, my journey against the massive flow of water continued. At approximately three miles a lovely bar composed of sand and gravel  was mounted. A swim and some lunch topped the agenda here, with a bit more lackluster fishing as well. After a time I turned and headed downstream. North Maumee appeared around a bend and a flotilla of canoes, kayaks and other assorted craft filled with all manner of goobers choked the channel before me. With a few power strokes I managed to part the clog of flotsam and easily find my way through. Many a vessel was left at the bottom of the river. Surely most of their crew made it safely to shore. At 11:45 with 85° the river was exited. My toal paddling distance was six miles. The stream was mine until the very end. I apologize for those that may have perished in my wake. 

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