Rockport on the Ouachita River
Kayaking lower Rockport, Ouachita River at Malvern
  This is a location I have come to on occasion just to mess around in a kayak. Rockport has a better rapid about a mile upstream but I have always preferred this lower rapid because it tends to be uncrowded. This year will make approximately 33 years that this flow of water has been utilized by me. Most of my early whitewater paddling experience was at this very spot. Originally, there was an old one-lane steel bridge crossing the rapid, but it was washed away many years ago. A new concrete bridge spans the gap now, and the rapid has changed with its presence. On most afternoons during the warmer months, the rapid runs with a goodly stream of water. Carpenter Dam at Lake Catherine releases daily to generate electricity and this is the result. Sometimes a local redneck will show up and hang around if yer lucky. After paddling around for a while I purchased some burgers and fries  and drove home with some beers on back roads with fair scenery. A chicken or a hog was run over along the way...not sure which it was.

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