Lower Cave Creek
Hike on lower Cave Creek to the Buffalo River
  Last week I was hiking along a bluff line on the upper end of Cave Creek. This week it was down stream on Cave Creek to the confluence with the Buffalo River. As with last time, breakfast was had at Denny's in Russellville before heading in. As usual, it was a mediocre meal. The coffee there is usually quite good though. At 5:00 a.m. with 75° and a near full moon, the forest within the Gene Rush Wildlife Management Area was entered and with little difficulty, the creek was mounted. It was traced downstream and waded for a while and many monster native fish species were landed along the way. By 9:00 the Buffalo was in view and Clair Bluff towered before me. This bluff was ascended from behind and a lovely lunch with a view was had from its treacherous edge. From there the ridge was climbed back to the surface where my vehicle was located. At 12:25 with 90° my hike ended. The hike covered 4.7 miles from hell. It was very enjoyable.

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