Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
Hike down Dug Hollow to Whitaker Creek, Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
  It's been a while since I entered the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area. so I did. Saturday morning at 5:10 with 62° Dug Hollow was followed down...down into it'd dark depths and to its confluence with the Buffalo River. It was there that I made my way upstream on this river from hell. After much peril and hog wrestling, the mouth of Whitaker Creek was identified, and it was there that it was followed upstream as well. Many wonders were observed and entered into the back side of my brain. By 2:20 with 77° the road was in sight. At least 100 cars were parked there to hike in and see Hawksbill Crag. Sad. My total loop hike encompassed 7 miles.

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