Lower Adkins Creek in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
  In a world where nature provides...Arkansas provides nature. The upper tendrils of the Buffalo River are seldom seen by most. By nature I require solitude...which is hard to find in the oft traversed river downstream. On this humid morning the forest was entered early...4:30 a.m. without natural light. Evil predators use this darkness to kill...but they will not kill me. Most flee when my piercing headlamp blinds the poor bastards. Those that challenge me do not live to tell their furry buddies of the horror that came next. Before this challenge breakfast was had at The South Park Restaurant in Clarksville. I hate to say it but the food seems to be getting worse with every visit. 
  With all challengers behind me I plodded downward and entered the valley of Adkins Creek. Sunrise was not until 6:00 so my life was still in great peril. Without incident the creek was followed until the Buffalo was observed. By now there was plenty-o-light...a sense of relief was felt knowing that the night devils had retreated into their respective hovels. I crossed the river and moved downstream. The river was then forded again...but not without an element of danger. You see...the flow was so fierce that, in both instances, the water nearly devoured me and my gear. Luckily...my superior bushcraft skills would have kicked in and survival would have been easily secured. 
  After a time the mouth of the creek flowing through Lovell Hollow appeared, as if, not expected. It was expected...that's what worried me. Having explored its cragginess once in my past, I opted for the ridge to the north. The reward was worth the risk, for the view was superb. I then headed back and drove home. The temp going in was 72° with a drop to 64° in the valley. Exit at 11;15 showed 77° on my high dollar instrumentation. My total hike action included 5.4 miles. Much enjoyment was had on this day.

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